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Most recent changes:

You can't add an album to the pending album - UI and backend changes to prevent
Cancel on add album takes you back to previous album
OK on add album page now takes you to the new album
Following in-album sub-album links now counts towards hits on the sub-album (and also 'go up' links)
Fixed issue which meant that if you tried to access a page which required you to be logged in without the userid in the URL that you would enter an infinite login/fail loop
Add 'not published' indicator for upload album too
Fix 'New!' display on album list (login wasn't checking cookie properly) plus ensure it works correctly when logged into multiple users simultaneously (had already stored timestamp on a per-user basis)
Add to MySQL queries to re-enable New! marker for photos, and add for sub-albums
Fix EXIF extraction - broken with new style database some time ago
Use system file for easier swapping between home and online development (revert back on final release)
Add page-specific headings to all pages using new sub-topbar template
Integrate correct headings and hit info into top-level thumbnail album list
Make detailed view of albums use appropriate Updated heading
Search page check box linked to adjacent text
Multiple page albums with sub-albums (or tags) now open the correct photo when viewing pages 2 and beyond
Re-added empty album/tag/category graphics which needed relinking after site upload
Fix search albums - had been broken by development code for top-level thumbnail album list
You can no longer see the results of other user searches by fiddling with the search id
Following links to the add user page when logged in no longer results in form submission taking you to the search page!
Cancel on the add user page takes you back to the user you went to the page from when appropriate
Fix display of larger pic.me.uk logo (on pages when not logged in)
Add standard page design to error, index and changes pages
Upload current build to live website and upgrade on-site database and data files
Put (back?) space between album description and album for when empty album description
New head of page and graphics, with properly scaling tables
Fix category and search albums not having selection edit buttons
Make album list always link to albums even if empty - i.e. be less clever (now we can have sub-albums these don't count towards photo counts)
Fix viewing of non-published photos in edit mode
Edit and delete selection work from detailed and short album views again
Reduce size of album photo selection and editing/deletion buttons
Photo viewer now displays album titles again when in tag or search modes
No longer requests passwords for next/prev thumbnails in photo viewer
Fix category list and resulting password requests for viewing photos when previous and next thumbnails have complex category lists in photo viewer
Don't try and display the photo album of a nested category album in the album viewer
Album view now correctly requires all passwords in category mode - previously omitted requests for photos with a category which was also an album sub-category
Now successfully sets publish state for tags which appear in view as a sub-tag - this means the photo tag lists are now correct in all modes
In photo viewer now correctly notes publish state of categories to successfully show password thumbnail appropriately when showing next/prev thumbs
Now shows question mark next to sub-albums in edit mode if not published
Now shows password next to sub-albums in edit mode and allows click to reveal (should really insert text, not change visibility - 'blank space' formatting issue otherwise)
Now you can edit photo details when viewing the full photo and still get thumbnail setting options if appropriate
Edit single photo popup now successfully sets destination album and all tag thumbnails as appropriate
Edit selection and delete selection now work fully again and implement both album and tag thumbnail changing
Edit and delete selection now work in a way that is robust to multiple simultaneous edits on the same photos
Selection modification and deletion now validates that selection hasn't changed (eg if you're deleting the same photos in two windows simultaneously, which someone might try!)
Selection tick box indexes now don't increment if a sub-album or sub-category
You can now choose a thumbnail for tag categories using the edit photo page
Deleting a photo now checks that it isn't the tag thumbnail
Adding a photo to an empty album makes that the album thumbnail
Deleting the thumbnail photo from an album chooses another
Deleting all photos from an album chooses an empty album thumbnail
Fix slight problem with HTML output for unticked tags on edit photo forms
New checkbox to set album thumbnail when editing an individual photo
Moving album thumbnail photo to another album correctly updates both albums
Photo edit details now links text to option icons
Photo names now select photos too in edit mode when viewing thumbnail display
All forms now connect associated text and check boxes too
Albums and tags now have a 'up one level' link
Album/tag passwords warn you if you don't have cookies enabled
Cancelling entire album/tag password now takes you back up to correct previous page
Photo view page is now massively more efficient in how it queries the database and compatible with the new album code
Non-published tags no longer require passwords if set (was just too silly and probably not the most desirable behaviour even though it had dedicated code to implement!)
Added set thumbnail button to individual photo edit page
Sub-albums and sub-categories are now displayed suitably in album views, and you can move to them and edit them too with a single click with cancel or submit taking you back to the right place
More efficient method of getting number of pages and extracting photo rows from database
Now jumps to last populated page if changing number of rows/columns leads to an otherwise-empty page
Don't show edit/view login toggle after abort errors
Clean-up album page code for maintainability and efficiency
Updated delete album message to clarify that it won't delete sub-albums
Start clean up of main album page code
Make 'Empty album', 'Empty category' and 'Empty tag' images
Category password request now says 'category' not 'album'
Getting a category password wrong now provides a return to category list not album list link
Album and tag displays now show sub-albums/sub-tags with suitable overall sorts
Rewrote album page SQL queries so all album displays only use one query
You can log directly into edit mode even in offline localhost version now
Added as-yet-unsupported 'number' field to tags (for forced orderings)
Also added photoid, thumbwidth and thumbheight to taglist ready for display
Adding a user no longer tries to create directory that isn't required anymore
Added as-yet-unused 'stems' field to albums (ready for adding them to search results)
Also added photoid, thumbwidth and thumbheight to albums ready for display
Changed stored photo filenames again - finalised now!
Fixed uploaded date display in detailed album view and photo view (don't know why I took it from the file before when it's in the database)
Fixed photo edit, photo deletion, selection edit, selection deletion and album deletion to use new filename and backup system
Now supports multiple logins - gets all passwords on a per-user basis so you can log into as many accounts simultaneously as your browser will store cookies
Entire site now updated so user id is no longer passed in cookies (though it's quite possible I've missed the odd link somewhere) - none the less it's at last now possible for non-password protected parts to be indexed by search engines
Wrote database upgrade script for new photo file storage format (new format guarantees file system distribution is even; allows considerably easier backup and restores; and allows faster simultaneous uploading) - script moves files and builds new directory structure whilst updating database entries
Updated photo and thumbnail viewing to use new storage system
Update photo add script appropriately, plus now works on Windows for testing purposes (no change in edit current photo image code yet, but will probably delete that option anyway)
If unable to connect to database then do not display error diagnosis help after message
Only give cookie warning if no cookies AND accessing a section which requires passwords (on login)
Attempting to switch to edit mode provides warning if cookies not enabled and a suitable page
Allow domain localisation for cookie strings (partial work)
Username no longer uses cookies (began implementation)
Nicer no cookie warning string
Add small previous/close/next buttons to top of photo viewer
Fix warning that now appeared when editing photos since I enabled a stricter server mode
Fix memory limit that now applied to uploads - was far too strict and causing some files to fail
Changing defaults from add photo page now preserves upload album selection
Fix bug which omitted number of rows from album links within albums (would only matter if you changed size and had multiple albums open, meaning number of rows might change unexpectedly)
Refinement of links and text that appear if any upload fails for whatever reason (more context-sensitivity)
Change defaults in photo albums to 5 columns by 4 rows for thumbnails + brief views and 2 columns by 10 rows for detailed view (was 4x5 and 1x10)
Some seriously cool new code to give progress as files are uploaded - well, I like it anyway! (to be precise, it gives progress as they're processed after the upload has completed)
Fix silly bug I introduced recently when moving a selection - default-sized image got left behind!
Empty albums now more obviously labelled when viewing (edit mode only)
Slightly nicer help text when an access error occurs
All default settings on defaults page are now remembered, including tick boxes on left-hand side
Some nice Javascript to stop you ticking both the 'set' and 'clear' boxes on tags entries (was relatively complex because I have array symbols in form element names and Javascript can't cope with them)
Change defaults page to use Set/Clear boxes for tags like edit all page (much more sensible)
Now auto-moves cursor to username and password request boxes on main login pages and album view pages (if entire album/tag password-protected)
Nicer help/message when using edit selected/delete selected without anything selected first
Nicer selection editing for tags - now has 'Set' and 'Clear' rather than 'Apply' and then tick/untick(!)
Add new setting 'Apply the default settings shown below' for photo upload to defaults page - stored but not yet acted on
Made nested tags expand/unexpand on clicks - trouble is it only works on Internet Explorer so I've disabled it for now
Fixed bug where moving pictures to and from upload album caused incorrect photo count for those albums
Moving pictures from one album to another no longer marks the album they moved from as 'New' (ie. updated)
HTML characters in upload filenames are now treated correctly
No longer logs a httpd error each time you move a photo that has no 'fullsize' version
Album list no longer leaves a blank line for albums without descriptions
Don't show 'set as default' option for 'index' field (ever)
Pushing 'update' on defaults page now updates default field entries too (except tags) [and time doesn't work yet either]
Work on Paypal IPN automatic payment notification upgrade script
Keep/don't keep fullsize configuration option now implemented
Make new default album sort also apply to other album lists on the site
Tag lists are now sorted too - not just the one on the main tag list (display in detailed album list and photo windows are not, however)
Add more help to defaults page help
URL classes now enforced, so only certain users can use pic.me.uk/user and even less can use user.pic.me.uk
Default tag sort order changed to alphabetically by title
Default album sort order changed to alphabetically by title
Don't show number of hits on upload album
Vertically align photo captions directly under photo even if there is a lot of exposure info
Clearer tick box explanation on tag list page (I hope!)
Requested album and tag passwords are only remembered for 12 hours now once entered in view mode (was 'as long as possible' before) - this makes more sense
Align thumbnail captions better in view mode (fixed this aaaages ago in edit mode - oops!)
Deleting photos and editing album titles no longer marks the albums as new
Write album help text
Update FAQ page to use help page style
Viewing photos no longer marks them as 'new' at midnight when statistics updated!
Store stemmed text ready for better searchs when using edit all page
All albums and tags on site have been reprocessed to store stemmed text
Search is much improved now due to use of stemming - doesn't care about morphological word variations now
Cancel on defaults page now returns to add photos page if that's where you were
Clarify tag behaviour on tag list page
Start writing per-page help text
Non-published tags now offer to send you back to tag list, not album list
Non-published tags no longer show up on album list and photo view pages
Non-published AND password-protected tags now do something sensible-ish
Album is shown on photo view page if not opened from an album
Help system in edit mode, with help for tags so far
Show 'New!' next to relevant photos in albums if a photo has been added since last login
Create stemmed text for tags, ready for improved searching
Propagate stemmed text down into children of tags, ready for parent-to-child propagation of search information
Fix a couple of bugs on the edit single photo page when changing image (if it failed)
Store stemming info when using edit single photo page, ready for better search
Hide non-published tags from search forms
EXIF switch now affects photo uploads and setting displayed on add photo page
Rescale on/off and rescale-to size configuration now functional and displayed
Keep full-size setting displayed on add photos page but not yet implemented
Direct links to defaults page from add photos page, and submit returns to add photos page
Add photo hit counts to album and photo view pages in edit mode
Move album and tag hit counts to top of page in album view in edit mode
Add hit count to album list in edit mode
Albums with new photos in now show 'New!' on the album list
If the number of images on an album page is reduced from that chosen due to user limits, pic.me now correctly shows a notification message (this was implemented previously but either never worked or had been broken)
Decide on non-published tag behaviour - will hide tag, not the photos (nicer and simpler) - and update forms
Add 'publish' option to add tag page
Prevent duplicate album and tag names on respective add and edit pages
Tags can be marked non-published and when not published they do not appear on the tag list in view mode (are not yet hidden in albums/search however)
Username domains with "www." prefix now work too (eg. www.gareth.pic.me.uk)
Prevent creation of many more potentially confusing usernames
FTP upload now goes to current album like web upload
Minimum width and height for thumbnail (important when very wide or very tall)
30-second chunking of processing (with nice messages) on FTP additions - fixes potential time-out problems when adding LOTS of files at once
Add resize size and keep full-size options to database and display on defaults page; also display EXIF setting
Index box jumps around on edit pictures page now dependent on context (best compromise I think)
Empty date default now displays correctly on defaults page
Fix album and tag edit pages so check box settings are preserved if there's an error with the submission
Defaults page now updates EXIF and resize size options (have no effect currently however)
Fix remaining uploads today count on add photos page
A hidden password no longer offsets the 'album hidden' icon on the album list
Logout with a username domain (eg. gareth.pic.me.uk) now successfully takes you to front page
If you logout with a username domain it's now possible to login to a different user without deleting the user from the domain by hand
Fix bug where upload album wasn't visible until you added an album
Nice welcome help about albums when you are in edit mode with no albums
Logout now REALLY logs you out (previously it would still remember who you were logged in as and warn you if you changed user)
Add the missing words to the change login warning message!
Fix pluralisation of "0/1 photo(s)" display in album list view
Warn when you're changing user that previous user will be logged out of and require confirmation (much nicer behaviour)
Access errors now reported nicely and without any internal information
Errors are now all logged internally along with as much information about the fault as possible. A referencable fault code is also given to the user.
Remove incongrous 'none' option from album sort options
Rename "Album owner's index numbering" to "Owner's index numbering" in sort options
Nicer behaviour when cancelling login to user-specific domain (eg. gareth.pic.me.uk)
Allow viewing of home page even when at user-specific domain (by using banner link)
URLs of the form pic.me.uk/username now work as if you'd typed in 'username' on the frontpage
URLs of the form username.pic.me.uk now work too! You can also combine these with album URLs and stuff - very cool. Password prompts and pass-throughs to albums etc all work perfectly.
Display remaining upload slots (and daily upload limit) on add photos page
Add FAQ entries
Work on defaults page (no more implementation yet however)
Add 'make user available for public listing' to edit user page
If user public then show on front (this) page [at least for now - might need alternative system if many public users]
Increase max picture width to 5000 pixels (from 4000) - I wanted to upload a wide panorama! :)
Store index numbers when editing photos (if entered) and add associated 'apply' box in edit selection dialogue
Group tag entries in edit selection box better (but to be replaced with set/clear boxes in future for clarity of use)
Display photo index numbers on all three album view display types
No longer show photo number if not using index list on brief album view
Prefix photo title with photo index number if present on photo view page
Add sort by photo index option to album view and include support on other pages that use this sort order (edit all, photo viewer)
Hide upload album from search menu when in view mode
Truncate long album names in lists on search and edit album pages
Don't list empty albums on search page album selection choice
Add album parent album list now truncates albums that were too long
Add album now works properly with no index number being set (doesn't show index 0 any more)
Limit album name length in edit photo dialogue (stop window getting too wide)
Add 'Index' entry to photo edit details - currently ignored
Stop password reveal clicks in edit mode from jumping to top of page
Add ability to number albums and associated display albums
Fix so that album sort is applied when editing photos as well as everywhere else
Album last-updated sort no longer changes when albums are viewed (it changes when photos are added or removed)
Conceal visible passwords in edit mode for albums and tags - but you can now click on the password icon in edit mode to reveal the hidden password
Disable FTP server chmod and directory creation - FTP server upload and fetch now complete; auto-create interface still to follow
FTP upload support now complete - just require way to activate on accounts other than manually! Now you can upload via Windows filer windows, for example. (Remaining FTP server issues - chmod, folders)
Hide passwords when entered to prevent 'over the shoulder' security problems
Begin FTP upload implementation in add photo code (currently no way to upgrade however)
If embedded photo Make (in EXIF data) is prefix of Model then don't repeat Make in camera model identification (issue with some Canon cameras)
Display total number of photos for each user when in edit mode
Back from work trip (thus break in updates)
Empty albums no longer provide a link in view mode - this makes it look better when you deliberately leave them empty to create hierarchies too
Began work on defaults page - now shows any stored default settings
Made magic quotes work again - previously PHP server upgrade had broken some characters
Start implementing photo defaults - photo edit forms now remember your defaults when ticked (although you don't yet see them recalled anywhere) [doesn't yet remember tags]
Fixed broken add new user page which made it impossible to add any new albums for new users (oops - hasn't affected anyone luckily)
After days of effort finally got a dedicated FTP upload server running and locked down so that users can only upload and view their own listings; and no viewing of other users or download of other or their own files. Plus in a way which this site code can update and access, and without requiring any complex server restart issues. Now it just needs integrating into the site code!
Rename zoom options to make them less intimidating, and remove percentages
Add internal changes monitoring page
Begin work on implementing user classes
Look again at creating per-user FTP upload accounts
Re-enable large image rescaling on 'add photo' and this time add suitable photo zoom control options - also improved existing display with percentages
Make resized images pop-up the window at the correct size from album view (no instant resize on open)
Added album information to show album page in detailed mode when viewing category or search results
Fix incorrect inconsistency warning when viewing tag-protected pictures without the password
Greatly improve authorisation failure response - now takes you to an appropriate login page when you try and view a page when not logged in or with the wrong password, and takes you where you wanted to go when you are finally authorised. Shouldn't see 'unexpected error' messages for this reason any more
Redirect all subdomains to core site - first stage in allowing name.pic.me.uk dedicated URLs
Clarify behaviour of edit user page re edit password changes
Photo viewer window now resizes immediately rather than only after image load
Fix mis-selection bug when using 'edit selection' and viewing an album sorted by popularity
Deleting a tag with children no longer hides those children from display (they're moved up a level now)
Delete album option now works - no longer says 'not implemented'. Be careful with it (it warns you plenty though)
Add padlock icon to password-protected albums and tags
Add question mark icon to non-published albums in edit mode
Fix 'cancel' button from tag album password request so that it returns to tag list
Fix backup script so that we really do get daily backups of site images
Add display sort options to category view
Make empty descriptions appear at end of list in album and category views when sorted by description
Fix HTML bug in album list form code
Ensure top bar shows all edit features in edit mode on search page
Add choice of albums to advanced search page, defaulting to current album if appropriate
Fix category querying when specific album selected during search (ignored album before)
Add 'x photos' display to album list, and make album descriptions appear in smaller text
Fix submitting edit/delete after closing parent window (failed to auto-close previously)
Thumbnail creation now works again when editing an individual picture
Fix album list page photo count for upload album
Ensure that error on album add/edit submission does not lose user's existing parent setting
Add parents to tags/categories create and edit boxes
Visual display of tag categories
Added category AND and OR checkboxes and search code (very cool!) - still needs hierarchical knowledge too
Remove edit icon from upload album in edit mode (had reappeared when hierarchical display added)
Prevent rows/columns change in one album being taken as new default in another when display settings changed
Update album view appropriately when you enter a password in the photo view window
Prevent browser from pointlessly reloading photos or thumbnails when you edit or delete a photo
Server now automatically archives new/modified photos every day ready for off-site backup
Fix bug I introduced on edit single picture page yesterday (album changes didn't work properly)
Maintain separate count of photos in albums to enable feasible album sort by photo count (therefore number of photos in album sort in album list now works)
Implement search result expiry
Implement delayed photo hit update
Cope nicely with expired search results (takes 24 hours to expire)
Add 'parent album' setting to add and edit album pages
Show album parent/child hierarchy in album list
Add preliminary FAQ page to edit mode - certainly not finished yet
Fix bug where 'reverse sort' setting on album page was not preserved in cookie
Annotate search orders in album view, and invert default order of popularity ordering (so most popular now shown first)
Change sort ordering so that empty entries now appear at bottom of alphabetic lists
Change sort ordering so flash status 'unknown' appears after off and on in sort order
Limit number of uploads allowed per day
Limit number of albums that each user can create
Limit number of tags that each user can create
Keep record of total number of photo hits for each user
Implement photo download limits per day per user
Limit total number of photos each user can add
Keep pre-computed record of total number of photos each user has
Limit number of photos per album and implement for all edit methods
Fix some validation bugs on the edit single photo page
Limit number of photos per album page on a per-user basis, and react politely to row+column choices outside this limitation
Fix issue with sorting photos by popularity causing too many live changes to sort order
Correct display that showed albums-1 after change yesterday (clearly not a good idea to fix bugs late at night!)
Very minor album list display modification in edit mode
Correct album count in view mode when some albums are not marked as published
Completed clean-up of showalbum code to make it more maintainable
Change "photos per page" option to "rows" on album pages
Clean-up row/column changing behaviour when altering from detailed to other views and back
Add hit counter for category album views
Can now logout from all pages - to swap to view mode in edit mode use bottom 'view mode' link
Honour 'publish album' setting on album list page and album view
Don't show photos from unpublished albums in tag/search views (publish album therefore now fully implemented)
Make default on add album page to be 'publish to album list'
Ensure edit and cancel buttons on various pages return to correct previous page and display setup
Tidy up internal page forwarding and state storage (possibly prevent some potential bugs too)
Fix uploaded date display for password-protected pictures in detailed album view
Fix bug in password requests for tag or album-protected images in picture viewer
Extend password protection on thumbnails to previous and next thumbs in picture viewer
As far as I am aware password protection code is now complete - let me know of any problems
Internal improvement of tag list code in photo viewer
Make tag and album picture+album viewer request work with return key (work around IE "feature"! Was ignoring unless button pushed with mouse)
Return to album you were in after adding photos and preserve page and view settings
Hide zoom options when picture is password-protected and you're not viewing it
Category and search albums now honour album-photo password requests
Fix album password bug not checking correct cookie for album value
Prevent user from creating/editing tags to have no name at all
Fix display issue with special characters when input forms are redisplayed due to invalid input
Don't display broken page when files are curtailed due to browser upload size limit
Fix PNG upload and prevent GIF upload (not supported by PHP configuration and not much use anyway)
Special message when viewing empty category/tag list
Photo viewer now demands and accepts tag and album passwords too
Fixed broken photo return script in view mode with album passwords
Albums with less pictures than columns now don't forget their original number of columns when following some links
Fix bug in thumbnail view in category/search results (some thumbnails were missing)
Changing album display settings in category/tag view mode does not now change to album of last tag shown in detailed view!
Implementation of tag password checking in album view (not in photo view yet)
Now maintains album view properly when changing from view to edit mode and back
Automatically tick relevant 'apply change' option in edit selection dialogue when clicking on related edit box (except for tags)
Add terms and conditions draft to create user page
Album sort options
Always show upload album as top album in edit mode
Slightly better introduction text for new users
Fix upload album bug where edit icon incorrectly shown in some cases
Fixed bug when deleting a selection of photos using tags (tag link left behind)
Make "not found" error page work properly even when sub-directories were tried
Fix 'delete selected' option in tag and search views (deletes fail)
Fixed single picture move to album with same index as id (was ignored due to over-zealous exception coding)
Put back red link bar on front page - now you can jump back to the last album list etc
Changed album move form and code so that it is robust to album additions/changes (unlikely problem)
Album list in forms is now sorted same as last album list view
Been working on this site since around September 2002 - didn't keep notes of daily changes however (unfortunately!)
However, it used to use a file based database system which soon became ridiculously complex and much of the initial effort was involved in implementing it. I later gave up and changed ISP (to happyserver.co.uk) so that I could use a proper database system, which also allowed me to add FTP support, URL rewriting and a whole host of other things.
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