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Known issues:

  • Defaults page and settings are not fully implemented (workaround - not required in most cases, or use 'select all' and 'edit selection')
  • Zoom can be temperamental with 'full size' option - eg. do out, full-size then in and it does something odd (workaround - go forward/back or reopen picture)
  • Help text not finished yet (workaround - guess :) )
  • Site graphics redesign not complete (including this front page currently)
Intended features yet to be implemented
  • Overall sorting by both album and then photo index in category and search views
  • Assume current year if year omitted; assume month if month omitted (configurable as default options)
  • Full online help and (improved) introductory guide
  • 'Entire album' checkbox when in edit mode to simplify certain bulk operations
  • Tidy up automatic upgrade system - now fully works but interface doesn't explain what you get (FTP users not automatically added either, too)
  • Public photo display (check boxes in edit mode exist already but there is no "non-user" display mechanism yet)
  • Possibly allow edit users to set the default sort option for albums
  • Image editing functions for premium accounts, including cropping and watermarking (possibly also red-eye removal)
  • FTP upload for higher-level user accounts (just needs switch-on method now - fully implemented the actual FTP upload and fetch)
  • Online print ordering / gift ordering / reproduction rights using selected photos (requires copyright permission flag and price flag too - implement via tag system?)
  • Latitude for rescaling - optionally dump original if very close in size to rescaled version?
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